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Nayo The Corgi Original Mouse Pad
Nayo The Corgi Original Mouse Pad
Nayo The Corgi Original Mouse Pad
Nayo The Corgi Original Mouse Pad

Nayo The Corgi Original Mouse Pad

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Corgi original mouse pad
Enlighten your mood while working in front of the computer with this cute Corgi original mouse pad. It doesn’t only assists the smooth operation of the mouse, but also works as a unique accessory for corgi lovers.
Unique corgi hand rest mouse pad
Shout out your ‘corgi lover’ identity
One-of-a-kind cartoon design
Meet a detailed cartoon graphic of the cutest corgi postures and expressions. Nayothecorgi is the original designer of this product.
Multipurpose device
This mouse pad was designed as a multipurpose device so you can easily use it as an office device or even a gaming accessory.
Great conversation starter
This design is inspired by a cute corgi called Nayo and serves as a great conversation starter. What’s more, you may get envied by your friends who love corgis just like you do!
Well-considered dimensions
With the actual users’ experience in mind, this mouse pad was designed with the idea of extra comfort for the owner. Dimensions: 8.55” x 8.55” x 0.25”,, weight: 2.3 oz.
Highlight your individuality
Don’t forget that it’s not only a high-quality device that ensures smooth operation of the mouse, but also an accessory that helps you highlight your individuality. Nayothecorgi is the ONLY official reseller of Cooper Brand - the original designer of this piece.
About Nayothecorgi
Personal story of the founder Angel and her journey in starting this shop! "In 2016, I decided to move to US to pursue further study. However, I could not leave my 5 months corgi baby behind so I brought him with me on the 12 hours long flight and start a new journey on a new land. In the first few months living in the new country, it was hard for me to meet new friends and it was even harder for my corgi to meet new friends as well. Both my and my corgi (Nayo) felt lonely. One day, while I was bringing Nayo for a walk, we met another corgi mom with her corgi and we got to know there are many corgi communities out there welcoming all corgi owners. Slowly, I started to bring my Nayo for "corgi parties" "corgi gatherings" and "corgi beach parties". Along the way, I realized that many corgi moms are having trouble finding special and unique corgi-centric accessories for themselves. Traditional pet shop only carry things made for pet to use but not human who love them deeply. As a corgi-mom, all I want to do is to show-off to other people that I have the best and the most unique corgi in the world and how much I love him. Other than sharing photos on social media, I also want my life to be filled with corgi because he is my family member. In addition, I was really grateful for being welcomed to the loving community and I just want to give back and bring more benefits to the community.
Designed In
Ontario, California
Brand values
Made in USA
  • I like the print, it is super adorable!

    E***g on Dec 12, 2022

  • Cool corgi pad

    Y***k on Oct 14, 2022

  • I love it. Would recommend to my friends.

    W***r on Dec 09, 2022

  • I don’t think it is the best I’ve seen but it is ok. Pretty comfortable to use. Verdict 4/5.

    K***t on Jan 01, 2023

  • A happy and satisfied customer here! Thanks for the cutest pad ever!

    M***f on Dec 19, 2022

  • I really like the mouse pad! It is worth the money spent.

    Y***p on Aug 12, 2022

  • Doesn’t slip from the surface, looks cute. Great product!

    S***y on Aug 25, 2022

  • My mom gifted this to me and it is perfectly fine!

    J***u on Sep 19, 2022

  • I have nothing to complain about cuz it is all fine. The print is of nice quality, it is cute and comfortable. Love that it is practical and heart-warming

    O***h on Dec 04, 2022

  • Looks amazing and works amazingly! Nice pad!

    H***p on Sep 05, 2022

  • Perfect size, very good quality and very fast shipping, I will purchase another one as a gift for my sister

    F***n on Aug 09, 2022

  • I can’t stop looking at this corgi! It is perfect!

    R***l on Dec 25, 2022

  • The shipping took much longer than expected, but the mouse pad is nice

    I***t on Sep 17, 2022

  • Seems like my hands are just too big for this pad or I need a larger one cuz I move too much but the size is small and the material is not so smooth as everyone thinks…

    W***y on Jan 07, 2023

  • Nice size, I like that it is also round and very cute

    K***t on Dec 05, 2022

  • Very bright and comfortable. Nice for gaming! Looks just like the picture!

    F***s on Nov 25, 2022

  • I say it is good value for money

    M***d on Nov 11, 2022

  • Nice size and very cute, but the material seems a bit rough

    D***a on Sep 12, 2022

  • A beautiful, cute, soft, solid mouse pad. The print is very bright and beautiful

    Z***p on Aug 23, 2022

  • My son loves his Corgi mousepad. Super cute and doesn’t slip on his desk. Would definitely recommend.

    J***l on Nov 10, 2022

  • This is so cute. Not too big and just a great gift for a Corgi Lover!

    G***j on Oct 08, 2022

  • Looks as pictured!

    K***i on Dec 15, 2022

  • Super cute

    R***w on Aug 01, 2022

  • I really adore this doggy! Thanks for the nice product!

    N***m on Dec 09, 2022

  • Nice anti-slip material, working with the mouse is enjoyable, looks really cute and pretty.

    V***a on Oct 07, 2022

  • Love, love, love it so much! It is perfect for its price! Thanks

    Q***w on Dec 28, 2022

  • I think it is a superb mouse pad. The image is so nice, it looks neat and clean, idk. The dog is good-looking, smart with those glasses ahahah. The material (I don’t really know what is it exactly) is nice to touch and great for the mouse + the pad doesn’t slip, the shape is what I wanted. The mouse pad perfectly complements the design of my room. Besides, the shipping was fast

    E***r on Dec 17, 2022

  • Great mat, doesn’t move on the desk at all which is great. Mouse works well on it, came sooner than expected, the package was solid. This mouse mat is easy to clean with wet-wipes or a cloth, btw doesn’t collect much dust. And also it is so cute. I love the dog in the picture, especially the glasses! It looks so pretty! The shape and size are just right for comfortable mouse use. Highly recommend.

    T***y on Aug 03, 2022

  • My pet-loving heart is aching every time I work with my laptop and mouse. it looks as if I pet this little nerdy corgi with the mouse. I have allergy and cannot adopt a dog, but it has been always my dream to have one, so I purchased this mouse pad. It is made perfect for moving the mouse - neither gets stuck anywhere nor does it linger so it is really comfortable to use. Especially for work from home it was a savior as it is useful and lifts my spirits when I look at the corgi.

    Y***u on Sep 04, 2022

  • Great quality! The pad looks just as in the photo, the way this cute doggy smiles never fails to cheer me up even when I’m totally exhausted. I think for every corgi fan it will be the same. The material of the back is nice and flexible rubber so that the pad doesn't move or slide anywhere. The printing quality of the image is on point, looks great? I haven't noticed any blurry parts on the surface. The mouse slides pleasantly, doesn't linger anywhere. This is a cute mouse pad for gaming or office working! Also, kudos for fast shipping.

    I***o on Nov 15, 2022

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